Jessica Koebbe, DMA

Hi there! I’m Jessica Koebbe, the founder of Mindful Music Pedagogy. My story is probably one that many of you can relate to: as a high school student, I realized I wanted to be a musician (pianist) and a college professor. So I earned all the necessary undergraduate and graduate degrees, got the college job(s), and still found myself confronted with many of the realities and struggles common to the musical profession: insecurities, perfectionism, and performance anxiety. As I taught, I noticed many of my students, including my very young ones, struggling with some of the same perfectionistic tendencies and anxieties. I studied some of the resources that had been helpful to me along my journey, however they were developed for adults and the abstract concepts and strategies discussed were not helpful for my younger students. I wanted to change that.

The resources on this site are part of my response to this problem and I hope you find them as useful with your students and clients as I have with mine.