Episode 5 : Musician Interview Series - Sarah Tannehill Anderson Part 3

Welcome to Mindful Music Pedagogy’s Musician Interview Series. This episode is the third in a three-part interview series with singer and educator Sarah Tannehill Anderson. Sarah is a Kansas City-based musician, and the founder of raiseyourvoicekc.com. In this final episode, we discuss auditions and rejection, the importance of knowing yourself as well as your students, the pros and cons of being an intuitive musician/person, how mindfulness is a part of Sarah’s studio in a physical way, Byron Katie and her work, being judged as a musician, and best of all, funny audition stories!

If you haven’t listened to Parts 1 and 2 yet, please take a few minutes to get caught up. Here in Part 3 we pick up at the tail end of Sarah’s experiences as an opera singer. So when I pose the initial question “So when you were going through all of that, did you think about mindfulness?” the “that” we were referencing was her professional opera career.

Happy listening!