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Mindful Music Pedagogy is for you. It is designed to be a resource for music educators who seek to develop a balanced awareness of the mental and physical aspects of teaching music, focusing on who we teach, as well as on what we teach. Here you will find practical strategies for developing consistency and confidence that you can implement with clients, in your private studio, classroom, or even personal life. By becoming a member of the MMP community, you will receive advanced notice on new resources for you and your students as well as exclusive discount codes for promotions.

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guided exercises

Wouldn't it be nice to have a coach with you any time you desired, guiding you and your students step-by-step as you practiced? You're in luck. Discover one of MMP's most valuable resources: Practical Strategies for Successful Musicianship. These real-time, guided exercises in breathing, muscle awareness, and mindfulness will transform your mind and body, helping you and your students achieve a peaceful and productive state of mind.


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